Another AVG Jay! He is only average, but he asks the tough below average questions!

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Another Adventure With Your Avg Jay! Are we really making progress?? Jay asks the not so tough questions with remarkably round about yet straight forward semi answers. It’s two steps forward and five steps back People!


An AVG J Episode 3

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Just minden my own business…wadda ya gonna do????

An Average Jay

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The master of useless and below average information doles out a piece of his mind….and there is not a lot to spare…so view this now before his head explodes!!

An Avg Jay Episode 2

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An Average Guy, with average thoughts, talking about average things, today talks about the one thing that is copasetic to us all….it’s an interpersonal, lets get personal, diatribe on that which we all can improve on ….communication…hope I communicated that clearly….

An Average Jay Pilot Episode 1

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Here begins a new page, in a well known chapter, within a dog eared book The AVG Jay is a week to week message from a guy who has been there and done that! A guy who has worked hard to achieve so little. A guy who thinks goals are for goalies, and once sold his car for gas money! An above average video blog, from a below Average Guy. Enjoy!

Summer Tour 2013

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I’m on tour in the great sweat capitol of the world Florida and surrounding states. Great shows so far at The Laugh In Comedy Cafe in Ft. Meyer Florida, Coconuts Comedy Club in St. Pete Beach and Jacks Junk Food Joint in Clearwater Florida. This week Grouchos in Melbourne Florida! I’m also starting a new blog called an Average Jay. I hope for it to be a video blog based on my comedic character. We shall see how it goes. Stay tuned for more Jay.

Chef Bills Happy Clam Distribution(TM)

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Hey all…my bro started a business in Tucson, Az called Chef Bills Happy Clam Distribution(TM) featuring fresh clams from Ceder Key Florida. They are awesome. I know you will enjoy them. In Tucson, you can taste these tasty clams at Bazils Italian Food on Sunrise Dr. in the Catalina Foothills area. Road Kills finished their 6th episode this past summer and is in post production. Hope to sell to tough TV or Mav TV. Talk soon…peace and cheese clams!