Man.. two weeks before the XMAS break and woefully unprepared to face the crush! I have had a busy November and December, so far with trips to Phoenix, AZ. Tampa, Florida and Tucson AZ within a span of four weeks. Cali road gigs in San Juan Capistrano and sets at the John Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk in Hollywood! I rocked it at all of the shows and picked up some extra gigs and contacts along the way! Pretty cool month, but exhausting. Next week back to Tucson for some holiday sets and Xmas. Mama Hewlett has knee replacement surgery lined up on December 27th ….I’m a bit stressed over it. She is 75…looks 65 but that knee is a drag and painful….she has to be tough for the rehab…say your prayers! Road Kills the pilot is being shopped at NAPTE in Miami…basically a big buyer and sellers bazaar where pilots are shopped to the big boys! NBC, FOOD CHANNEL, BRAVO, COMEDY CENTRAL….ET. AL….again say your prayers! I’ll keep in touch and you do the same! Ho ho ho….


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