Thank You Armed forces

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Thank You Armed Forces
I’m back into the swing of LA life again after spending 9 weeks on the road through September. Entertaining the troops in S. Korea was most certainly the highlight of the trip and one of the top ten highlights of my comedy and acting career. The young servicemen, and I mean young, were so appreciative of our visits and entertainment. Though young in age, they take their job very seriously and thank the lord for that. At one point, we were at the DMZ and literally feet from N. Korean soldiers. Our young men and woman of the armed forces are highly skilled and well trained to do their jobs. We can all be proud of the way they go about their business. No job to small, or unimportant. They were so grateful for our visit and thanked us at every juncture. I told them if there was ever a case of “our pleasure” this was it. Further, we are the ones who offer our heartfelt thanks, and gratitude, for their commitment, sacrifice, & courage. Thank You Armed Forces!


Michelle The Great

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Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Michelle who designed my website and blog page. She is super talented and one of the owner and operators of Out Front Brands. If you ever have the pleasure of using her unique talents and designs you will not be disappointed.

An Average Jay #10…..You’re All Gonna Die….sooo I’m Up All Night…

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An Avg Jay#10 revisits the scene of the crime: Up All Nights presentation of You’re All Gonna Die! With the lovely and talented Rhonda Shear, directional directing of Carole Montgomery, Improvisational wiz Martin Brown, delicious Erika Flaskamp, multi faceted talent of Marie Crane, the video wizards Gene May & Kenn Bradley! Doing a bang up job the HIsterical Kato Kaelin as himself and a cast of thousands…Van Fagan produced!

The Great Equalizer????

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AVG Jay 9
We all have bad days….fortunately, or unfortunately, there are some  equalizers….but there are some side effects….two steps forward three steps back …Viagra….

AVG J meets AVG Lauren for A Movie Review

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This week an AVG J reviews movies with an AVG Lauren Kirshner´╗┐….”Glee Harvey Oswald”….the hijinks begin…

An Average Jay is back…

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My grandfather was a wise man….find out why……

An Avg Jay…..a guy that thinks goals are for goalies and excercise is for wimps….

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On the run or should I say on the runs with an Avg Jay. Ever wanted a shortcut to weight loss without all the irritating exercise and diet stuff….Jay may have the solution for you…then again maybe not…after all he is a nutball!